Attend These Points To The Farmers – Agriculture

Well known points for the farmer from my life.

Why did farmers are so important?

Every day we are getting up early and we require food to eat.If we have a lot of things around us, a lot of money, a huge king palace, but not food what will happen? As the source of food didn’t make in the factory. Have anyone imagined it?

So food is the basic need of every creature and this food is getting to us from the farm.It is made by the farmer.

If every farmer or labor decided to live an ”Alishan” life. without doing any work? What will happen? this is slowly happening now, no one is ready to do work in the farm and it is the very dangerous problem in front of a nation.If it will happen can we get food to eat? Can we eat money to control our hunger?Can we prepare plant as like thing?Image result for images of farmers working in the field

So I think that farmer is the main source of food. In this source, it requires talented people but unfortunately, in our country, the person who didn’t have professional knowledge as well as who didn’t have a perfect education is doing farming and so a lot of problems are creating everywhere in politics and in every field.

Why did we need to attend him?

1]  He is the main source of nutrition department.

2] He loves to his soil, to his animals and nature.

3] He has more tolerance power except for some farmers who are doing suicide as lack of knowledge.

4] He remains happy in any situation. He didn’t demand a lot of things for life. He always remains in satisfied condition as compared to the other workers.

5]I think no one has big heart and mind in comparison to a farmer as he gives half roti to others from his own thali. You can experience it now also. He has more humanity, compassion, sensitivity etc.

6] He always flows his emotions and so he is doing farming happily otherwise he left it forever. Related image

7]   I apologize to say to the Govt. that first, they should appoint so many counselors in every village as this is the basic need of today’s period.  Then decide about carrier keep agriculture branch in every college so that every student should understand that farming is also one type of carrier then no one will hate to do farming. Every farmer’s students should get scholarship and help so that he could also get respect. As in the society also no one is giving respect to farmers children.Every student should also understand that farming is also one type of nice business. It will happen when a farmer is getting more profit from his crop. Otherwise not.

These are experienced points from my life as I am also a farmer’s daughter and what unhappiness and tragedy have to face to the farmers’ children is I know perfectly, so I request to Govt. that he should attend to farmers compulsory

About me- Short story


How To Deal With Difficult Family Members?

Understand relationship here in deep.

Today’s Relationship, 

Relationship is a question today – Why ?
Nowadays we always say that it is difficult to handle a relationship. How could enjoy our relationship with a different opinion?
Let us we will see,

Relations means I create a picture in my mind how my daughter in law should be? How my son should be? and Son create the image that How my father should be?

The image that creates the person through his behavior, thoughts and by his perception, if it will not match with his relationship then it will produce conflicts as I am doing constantly match the following. My daughter in law should be same as that serials heroine. If my daughter in law is not like this. and not behaving also like this. This produces irritations in my family and so my relationship gets disturbed.
If you want our relationship should be strong then you accept the other person as it is,
let us go for the other person behavior.and give him guidance lovingly.
Some following points makes our relationship difficult.
1] Jealousy create a barrier in our relationship. If I am jealous of anyone means I feel inferior, I feel depressed, I feel low,  feel weak, I feel not getting so I behave differently.  So my relationship gets disturbed.
2] I want to be better than you that type of thought is hatreds

3]If we will going through competition, then we will make dis empowering, if someone is in problem then we are thinking it is the chance to go ahead.
3]Just lower the other person we think we become higher.
4] So many times relationships are disturbed due to an ego.It may be superior ego or inferior ego.
5] the Wrong conversation destroys relationships.
6] If we did any business in a relationship and if we are not completed any commitment to them that also destroys relationships.

7] If we purposely ignore any connection it destroys the relationship.
8]If we left a contact in nearer bindings it also destroys relationships.
Flows Of Love: In the relationship, unconditional and clean love flows automatically and radiate power.

Spirituality says the relationship with soul to soul is the past karmic account.
We start giving energy not accepting.
IF someone is clean, clear, pure, peaceful then absolutely his relationship is nice.
Whats The Point For Quarrel? robert-brault-relationship-quote-1527177927

In every relationship, everyone wants love, trust, respect and exchange of some kind of comforts, some qualities in a person that makes feel me better, If I will not getting these then it is the point of quarrel.
Why Did Relationship Today Becoming Harder?
Today’s education system teaches how to earn a lot of money. so everyone is fulfilled with their all needs.Therefore every family is thinking that ”my family is nice,I have a lot of money then why should I need anyone to join my family?” If anyone is in trouble and I have to help him instead of helping him I think that ”First my business, my job, my career is important, if I will keep attention to another one then what will happen to my family? Is it for fewer days? no ,it will be for more days then how can I help them? https://chhayaonline.com/2019/04/29/reason-behind-pain-in-waist-treatment-for-it-worldhealthmonth-evion-a-to-z-blogchatter/

Suppose in our relationship One family is poor, maybe it is our brother, sister or anyone then instead of giving them help, power, guidance to become rich we are keeping distance with her thinking that she is poor what could I do for her? Is her destiny like this?
If she has any problem may be of disease, quarrel or anything then our duty is that we have to help them.But we are thinking that
is this problem is for one day? No, it is always, What can we do?Nowadays no one is asking for anyone who is the sister? who is the brother?If I will not inquire them what will happen?I have to enjoy my life. I don’t need any brother or sister. 

Due to this thinking, everyone is becoming insecure and he is chasing money. He thinks that if I have the only a lot of money, my life will be comfortable. There is no need for anyone. I think all problems root is this thinking then it brings ego, hatreds, jealousy, etc…..https://chhayaonline.com/2019/07/15/how-to-select-vegetables-related-to-season-health/


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Back To School -School Syllabi

learn emotional education to carry values & virtues.


Today’s   education increasing  depression. As  this education giving thinking to the student that ‘’I WANT JOB’’ except it no one is ready to think about life, about his family members, about relatives, about country etc. & this thinking increasing selfishness in the life & its disturbing life. As today everyone is thinking that ‘’What can effect with us if any person will come as a PM in our country ?. I  didn’t have time to attend all these things.

Mine linked in connection member  ED. VISHWANATH [ a philosopher] author of Hindu. He discusses every day on Geeta as well as lots of issues of life.

One day he wrote some quotes on negative thinking  &  told avoid negative people &  he explained how negative people are dangerous to our life. It’s true for a while.  but instead of writing Agree with him I have written oppose of him & started to explaining about negativity.

If you are positive then there is no question of front person negative.  In them, if you are creating some questions on front person negativity then what is the use of your positivism?

Today every where there is a discussion on negative people. Avoid negative people. Generally, in everyone’s home, all  old people are negative.. Can we leave them anywhere? Or when child born he didn’t carry positivity with him.We   have  to accept his all behavior may be positive or negative means

Some babies carry lots of negativity from previous birth so we have to keep them in the incubator or treat here, this is negativity. But can we leave them as a negative behavior? We have to accept everything as this is my child or baby.

SWAMI   VIVEKANANDA says  for today’s education ‘’ When we  send any  child in the school  or daycare  or primary  school    we   are giving 1st  lesson to them  your father is bad , then 2 nd lesson    your grand father is  very mad . Then  he automatically learn from the education system that  teacher  is half mad  as  teacher teaches  them keep  respect  with  parents  & grand parents.

Last lesson we  are giving them   our  religious holy  books are wrong  means  when he learnt all  this system at  a time  he is the statue of  depression. As where did  he will keep  faith?.He  became   totally uncultured person  &  in this way we  are disrespecting  to the religion.   There  has  been completed 60 years for ruling BRITISH  then also we have not changed our education system.

Only religion gives us happiness, satisfaction  & peace but we  didn’t understand it.


Main needs of people are food,  clothes, shelter that must have to get everyone for the regular satisfaction.

Today’s man is on the moon but  we  didn’t have any realization of mind so we are feeling unhappiness.religious_ed_1782655_std

Goverments  all  institution never keeps  completely  satisfied to the man.

If   we  want  to be peaceful we must have  to learn religious & historical education.Why did attacks on our country? We know that total country has been  in slavery.  Due to absence of religious teaching there   are attacks on our country.In that lots of motivated people died. Lots of holly books burnt, lots of temple & educated schools vanished. There  was everywhere  destruction & religious education system has been lost.

Top 5 Photography tips that you should know

This is the guest post written by Muhabub Alum

Top 5 Photography tips that you should know

Photography is an interesting profession throughout the entire world. At the same time, it is a challenging and interesting task; as a result, you need to be tricky. You need to follow some essential tricks to make it more beautiful and attractive to the visitors. In this article, we will talk about some essential photography tips which will increase your skill and will make it more beautiful than the previous time. Stay with us and read the full article to know the details.

Figure: Photography tips

Choose an interesting subject for photography

Choose an interesting subject for photography/pdkcmwordpress.com
http://Top 5 photography tips you should know/pdkcmwordpress.com

It is really important to choose an interesting subject while you made your plan for photography. The reason is if you are going with ordinary topics then it might be difficult to highlight as well as you need a lot of time to think and make something new. The audience will never love to see the same things again and again. Suppose environmental photography or capturing natural scenery is very common in our society in that case, if you go with the macro photography then it will be interesting as well as you can pick a different niche for yourself. Think for a second you are capturing a single dewdrop in the morning light. How nice it could be? Mesmerizing! It will attract the users as well as you can build a very good reputation among the community.

Lighting is very much important

Bad lighting means poor representation and it is not acceptable by any community. You cannot capture a great photo in a poor light. The subject will not be clear and the user might feel the color mismanagement. You need to set the lighting based on the product and its customer. Do some research for the object is necessary? Then you can think the full scenario.

Color temperature

As a normal rule, we tend to prefer photos with a light (golden) tone. The best light naturally occurs around sunrise and sunset, and this is why many landscape photographers love this time of day.

The color temperature of a photo can also be modified by adjusting the white balance setting on your favorite camera. And if you are taking photos using flash, you can have a warming gel on the flash to warm up the dark light.

Of course, in some instances, you may want to go the other way, and use light with a cold (blue) color temperature.

Diffuse vs. harsh light

Diffuse light is where the light creates soft shadows, which is preferred for elegant types of photography, but particularly portraits.

Diffused light can be created by reflecting light from a big surface (like a wall), or by using a large piece of semi-transparent material between the light and your targeted subject. This works the same way as when there is a thin layer of cloud, which diffuses the original sunlight and creates a nice soft light.

Harsh light creates strong and hard shadows. Natural light is at its harshest around midday, while a non-diffused flash will also create a harsh light and it is not so good. When shooting with harsh light, try and must use the strong shadows it creates to your advantage, incorporating them as an element of your favorite photograph. BENEFITShealthturmeric

Compose your Photography carefully

When you will go for photo-shoot it is too easy to just click on the photo. The composition is how the individual elements in the photograph are arranged, and a good guideline for composition is the ‘rule of thirds’. The rule of thirds works by splitting an image into thirds both horizontally and vertically, so you end up with 9 consecutive sections.

In many outstanding landscape photographs, you will see the photographer places the horizon in the top third of the photo, while the landscape takes up the bottom two-thirds of the photo.

As well as placing elements along the thirds lines, the user can also try and put your main point of focus so that it falls on the intersection of two of the thirds lines.

Check the exposure

Exposure is seriously important in many cases. It will help you to make the balance within the photo. One of the main advantages of advanced photography is the ability to check the photo on the camera’s rear LCD. When taking photos, the user should check that the photo has been exposed properly, i.e. is not too dark or too much bright. Although modern updated cameras have sophisticated auto exposure systems, they don’t always get it right.

As well as inspecting the image, most digital cameras also have a group of tools that can help you judge the exposure of an image. The very first one is Highlight Warning, colloquially known as ‘blinkies’. What this does is that any areas blown out white will flash when reviewing the capturing photo on the camera’s LCD.

The next tool is the histogram. This is a graph that shows the possible range of tones in your photo. If there is a peak at the very left edge of the histogram, this identifies that some of your photos are solid black. And if there is a peak at the compact right edge of the histogram, this means that some of your photos are solid white.

Do not shake your Camera

Blurry photos can be a great problem, especially if shooting handheld when it is a bit dark. The key to reducing blur caused by camera shake is either to make sure that the users are using a fast shutter speed or to make sure the camera has solid and strong support like a tripod.

Final few words | Photography tips

I believe these tips will help you a lot. To achieve a reputation in photography sometimes you might need some photo editing service from a reputed photo editing company. Thanks a lot for being with us. Let us know your precious opinion by commenting.

https://clnk.in/jddV/pdkcmwordpress.com Link of paytm mall.

Can We Send #Good Vibes? – Keep Evil Away

 Happy Navratra to everyone

All of us are happy in this period filled with a lot of enthusiasm, with the flowing of positive energy, having the sense of original love, purity, peace etc. draws people toward 

We know that in India everyone is engaging in worshiping Navdevi. What is she giving?

We have to understand the significance of it.This is the period of detoxifying the body & mind with purity by doing fasting, Jap, meditation, Mantra healing etc. Everyone is working on it & sending good vibrations in the atmosphere.

To create good vibration God has shown this way & he has also given the power to spread it, that is cleaning the homes, buying new clothes, gold or lot of appliances .to forgot bad days

and negative thoughts.

On day of ‘’DASSERA,’’ we are giving leaves of ‘’APT A’’ trees to everyone. It creates positive vibrations of love as its size also same as our heart & our heart create love.

If anyone has good vibrations we feel nice with his contact & vise versa.

So to spread good vibrations everywhere we have to work on thoughts.If we can control our thought process it can automatically spread good vibes everywhere & we will get a lot of benefits from that.    criticism, complaints, disagreement, or blame.fCan We Send #Good Vibes?

We know that we are wasting our time to see unwanted things, unwanted chitchatting, unwanted criticism etc but these things spread the wrong vibration in the world & we have to face trouble from it. It can effect on the mind, as well as nature also. So that nowadays there are the lot of therapy introduced by a lot of scientists for ex-music therapy for agriculture & for so many patients with cancer, kidney or for any psychological problem. , so that we have to keep attention that what i am talking? what i am chitchatting etc.  

Hence keep #Good Vibes everywhere.    how to stop arguing(link is external).


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I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.

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Can We Send #Good Vibes? - Keep Evil Away /chhayaonline.com
http://Can We Send #Good Vibes? – Keep Evil Away /chhayaonline.com
Can We Send #Good Vibes? - Keep Evil Away /kcmpdwordpresscom.wordpress.com
http://Can We Send #Good Vibes? – Keep Evil Away /chhayaonline.com

A Hug Yaar -National Boy Friend Day

A HUG YAAR is those Whose hearts are always open for each other.
They always create the flow of love to enjoy their life. In them, there is not the exchange of material things. Only they can exchange love, trust and loyalty.
They can’t walk alone without trust. & A true friend is the one who knows more about his friend and himself. Their hug yarri is the golden thread that lays all heart together.
They never walk front & behind only they walk beside & became the friend.
In them always love is blind but friendship closes its eyes.

Even on the road to hell flower will make them smile. Everyone heard what you say, friends listen to what you say, best friends listen to what you don’t say.

“True friendship is a knot in which angel hands have tied’’

The 50 Best Quotes About Friendship | Quote Catalog

A hug yaar is movable at a time.T heir connection is from past birth. Their karmic account is nice so they behave as made for each other. Maybe they quarrel or argue but they can forget easily & gets closer to each other. Their love is fragile & they can handle it with care. They always trust with each other never doubt their goodness.
Their life is meaningful with full of joy no any fear of them. Sharing of everything with each other. They never make a comparison with each other as it creates unhappiness. In them, a lot of exchange of love & exchange of thought produces the reflection of good vibration.
Their world is always new from our general world. & they have telepathy in their communication. Sometimes their communication is mind communication I think god is always watching their love, loyalty & purity of mind. & He also takes part in their hugging to share their joy& happiness he also enjoys their friendship & helps them to keep their hands tightly.
Due to their nice binding, they can share joy, happiness, selfless love They motivate each other for a goal oriented life. It inspires them to act & keep moving towards their goal. It results in external & internal factors that stimulate desire & energy in them to achieve their goals. Their desires, towards & expectations, form the base of motivation

Benefits of Hug yaar !

Friendship Quotes (6258 quotes) – Goodreads

1] It increases the speed of work in our life.
2]If the friend is like Shrikrishana then we can overcome every difficulties, problems & trouble easily.
3] With friend’s cooperation we will get happiness, enthusiasm, fame, courage etc.
4] Who has more friends, he can adjust everywhere & his image is powerful in society.

5] More friends more publicity.
6] Friendship is depending on our virtues & our behavior skill.

11 Interesting Facts About Friendship – ipsy Writer


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I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.

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Do You Know Pitradosha? Remove Here

Here is the way to remove Pitradosha.

This post is dedicated to my father, father in law.

We know that in India lot of rituals are there, some rituals are due to fear in mind. Some rituals are playing important role in everyone’s life. But no one is making daring to ask. If I will not celebrate this ritual what will happen to me? Because no one wants to play with challenge or troubles .

This year Pitra Pakasha Begins on Tuesday September 17,2019 & ends on Saturday September 28, 2019 

Shraadh is performed every year  on the anniversary of the death of the person as per the Panchang or during the dark fortnight called Pitra Pakasha.    

According to Hindu mythology ,the Shraddh performed in this month reaches the ancestor’s immediately and their souls will rest in peace.

his ritual is in memory of our grandparents of parents. In ancient time  parents are not spending money for their own life, they always think for future generation and keeping lot of property for their next generation.

Now also in so many homes grandparents are working about future of their grandsons but some grandson and daughters are refusing their thoughts, Some times to torturing them. Giving them unhappiness and that soul carries lot of unhappiness with him at the time of death.

So many times we are hearing that if I have done lot of efforts to go medical college, but with 1 percent his seat gone like this lot of examples are there.In some home not giving food to grandparents purposely, not taking their care, cheating them, keeping them away from family lot of problems etc

Some times in so many homes without any reason when children are torching their parents or quarreling with their parents. It suggests it is the Pitradosh” Pitradosh means in short our karmic account. Which karma we have done in the past with our parents or grandparents it will reflect in front of us in any form.

To reduce it what we have to do? http://www.MyListGiant.com/898845

1)      Do Shradh or Pakash with chanting Mantras

2)      If not possible chant Mantra.

“Om Namah Shivai” by chanting mantra all dosh automatically gets reducing. So chant Mantra Continuously. Or give feeding to cows. Give help to anyone who is greatest needy? or make anyone’s life better, take blessing from everyone. Keep attention that no one would be unhappy with your behavior.

Do You Know Pitradosha? Remove Here/kcmpdwordpresscom.wordpress.com
http://Do You Know Pitradosha? Remove Here/kcmpdwordpresscom.wordpress.com

Festivals-Indian Rituals- What Gives Us

check the importance of festivals & rituals.

Nowadays everyone wants to celebrate rituals with FESTIVALS with positive energy, with enthusiasm and getting together to exchange their energies. So many people attributed that ‘’Rituals are made by God’’ Someone is saying that they are not real. Is there need to celebrate it? Someone is telling that these are giving energy to us so we must have to celebrate it. If their existence is lost everything will lose in our life.

 Which Are Rituals In Our Country? 

  list of indian festivals

Starting from the year there are so many rituals in our country. Like Makarsankrant, Gudhi Padova, Vasant Panchami, etc. In Tirupati Tirumala temple there are a lot of rituals in every month for God and to celebrate it millions of people collect in one place. Living behind their families, sometimes with a family’s also. Rituals are celebrated not only in Tirupati temple but everywhere in every temple. These functions show the existence of God with spreading good vibrations all over in the environment.

Image result for images of sankranthi

– Amazon.com

To  Celebrate Rituals and Festivals Is My Hobby.

I like to celebrate rituals and festivals as they give us energy, inspirations and increases soul power to lead life successfully and happily. It also creates enthusiasm , increases willpower. Behind every Indian ritual there is a scientific reason and when we celebrate it with our good intentions and  emotions we can see to our life with positive attitudes.

 They increase our economic growth

  • Image result for images of sankranthi

If we will look to rituals with positive attitudes they change our social awareness, they increase creativity in business. Our market is also with greatest joy and happiness. So it helps us to increase economic growth.It creates peaceful vibrations everywhere, Reducing bitterness from everyone’s mind and increases relationship closer. Makes everyone’s life mentally strong. Sometimes they create selfless love promoting to build the nice relationship. They help us to connect God. To connect God means to make the transformation in our thoughts.

We Can Make Our Economical Growth With Rituals and Festivals  

 Traditions, Rituals, Customs

Every person makes his life strong with rituals,maybe he is a singer, an artist, painter, an engineer, whoever may be .. Everyone’s business also make a lot of financial exchange in rituals.  good Indian rituals

Rituals or festivals are coming from generation to generation with full of energy to build a human’s life strong with keeping discipline.

Without rituals man will become idle, lazy, reduce willing power, no energy exchange lacking desire. E enthusiasm, stopping vibrations of love, peace, happiness, compassion etc.

So for next generation,I want to tell everyone that ” don’t forget to celebrate our rituals as they are increasing our lifespan with full of energy, discipline in life, teaching love to nature and good touching to our birthplace soil sending good vibrations and purity.”


I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.


Importance of independence Day -2019

Value of Independence day ask to the person who are in the prison.


Importance Of Independence Day -2019 

  How to understand Independence day -2019 

Importance of Independence day- 2019

Every year AUG month comes and we are waiting eagerly to celebrate Independence day.

We know that in every schools, colleges, Institutes, offices are doing lot of extra work to celebrate Independence day. In them, some are celebrating with enthusiastic, some are celebrating informally.

When we are celebrating it we have to understand what is the reason behind to celebrate it?

What should we have to do to celebrate it? What is my expectation from my country? What is giving country to me? What should I have to give to my country? Is I am servicing nicely or giving right treatment to the people in my country?

I think to celebrate our independence day it is my first duty that ‘’ I have to remember the lot of people who had sacrificed their life for our Independence otherwise we will be in very bad situation.”

AS these people have tolerated lot of troubles, lot of misbehavior from another GOVT. If I will not remember all these or I will not understand their sadness or sorrow then we couldn’t understand

Independence also.

’independence’’ This world has lot of meaning ,we do not care about it, today we know that, 2 years kid also wants independence, he didn’t want to binding anywhere. Students in the school, colleges feels that their rules are so strict for them. In the home also our daughter in –law wants independence from their mother in law or father in law.

when we get matured we want independence from our parent’s .The parents who has sacrificed total life for their kids we know it but still we want independence from them. Then why did not in country? Every man should feel independence in his country.

So to get this independence from foreign ruin so many people have done lot of efforts.

If we have got anything easily we didn’t have value of it.

To get Independence for India lot of another people had given their blood. They have died for our country we not.

If we have to fall one drop of blood for our country then we will understand the value of Independence day.

Value of independence ask to parrots who is sitting in the cage?, ask to any person who is in the prison without any reason?, ask to any person who are caught in any difficult situation?.Ask to people who are caught in flood.

 Who Is Disturbing Our Country’s System?

IN this country behind any disturbance there is an educated man , we know that there are some unmatured students who are quarreling for reservations. There are some educated person’s who are making lot of corruption, lot of violence, some time lot of tragedy like bomb blast etc. To keep engage our youth generation we have to keep attention on our education with values and virtues.

As in today’s period we are observing that values are vanishing from educated man, not from any farmer or labor.

To avoid all these we have lot of Ignorance, laziness, blind belief etc. These things do not giving chance to live a life happily and independently.



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