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Image result for image of who is responsible for it?
Image result for image of who is responsible for it?

Now tell me who is the most welcome lady?. Is it that actress by showing his   body to the people or the lady who is working honestly for his family?

I  want to ask media, can any media have taken interview of like these ladies?   Can any media have given importance to like these ladies?

So now tell me who has spoiled values? Is it trend or actress? To whom we have to give more respect?

Image result for image of who is responsible for it?

If we are honoring like these actresses what we are spreading in the world? Is there are no any talent or intelligent ladies in the world? Or no any person in the world who is not able to stand with Obama.

I   didn’t understand the point why did any management is giving more importance to the actress or actors in place of director & writer? That story & singer gives values to the actor & actress but we are giving value to the actor & actress. I  am not enemy of any actress & actors but how many pictures are there in the world even 1 writer name also didn’t know to the people. No one is giving award or publicity to the writer. Why did this much diversity for originality? Not only this is the case for pictures but in a lot of cases For example scientist, in last week I saw Jayant Narlikar very few people known his name Was carrying bags himself while travelling. He had done lots of efforts for our country. Not only this scientist but another scientist, authors also. Did their names know to the people?

Last year I have a  meeting with Kid Zee school’s H. M. She told me that ‘’my father in law was also an author ‘’ He had received an award from President from Pranav da.He had written 85 important books.Did anyone he know? To write 85 books is not easy to work in as in one cinema.  We know Amitabachchan,  Priyanka Chopra,  Amir khan easily. Why did these important people we don’t know? Who is responsible for it?

Like these plenty of people are hidden behind the curtain who has done lots of efforts towards values & virtues. Why did this is happening? Because our total attention is going to   What Aishvarya has worn? How did she color her hair? I know these questions answer , that people are taking interest in these things.But I want to tell media that the people who are interesting in it show them there home address or give them their contact nos . They will contact them personally. But why did we are giving importance to the unimportant things? This is the very danger to the universe.


I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.


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