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Today’s people are filled with prestige, status & modern lifestyle. Everyone is busy in showing their self-identity. Every person wants to prove his own identity. To show this identity so many are using their a power of money, so many are using their power of the body, some are using their a power of beauty, someone is using their power of knowledge may be it half or wrong knowledge. But everyone is trying to show his identity in the world. Now the question comes while showing these identities am I losing my original qualities? Is I am feeling light while showing all the above powers.?

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have one experiment with it. After publishing my book ”QUOTATIONS & Stories ”I  think 3 months passed away & I have pain in my neck as well as in my right brain. As i have an accident in past & it started to paining now. So i went to neuron specialist near to my  home .first time I went to that hospital, there was full of crowd , how can i meet directly but still I visit the watchman standing outside of the doctors room & gave him my identity card thinking that I am an international author & told him to give this card to doctor & tell him that call, me immediately. Thinking that i am an international author, I am the queen of the world, no one will reach this position, Is it easy to reach this position? So why did I stop here to wait for the doctor ?why did i will talk, to common people which are sitting in the chair?I was with full of ego.

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In them that compounder came to me & told there is one patient to check so you must have to wait for half an hour, now I didn’t tell him that leave that patient & call me so I must have to wait .so i  stand nearside was not sat on the chair.


Dr. call me immediately & started to talk to me first he told me Why did you have lots of frowns on your face? Your face is with full of tension & pressure. What’s the problem then i told i have this pain then he gave me some tablets thinking that i am worrying so much for pain & told me don’t worry about it & come back again after 8 days.

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Then I came back started thinking about this event & studying about my behaviour also. Now again I must have to go the doctor .this time I decided a new pattern to visit a doctor. Just I entered into the hospital I didn’t meet with that compounder, I sat keep quietly on the chair where one lady was sat there. Now she starts to talk to me,  introduce me, I also start to talk with her friendly & freely .before that I have full of tension now I became relaxed. Now we are chitchatting about carrier &so on. We exchange our address with each other, now today I decided that I will not go at first in the doctor’s room. First, all patient will check,  as there is so less patient. & then I will go to the doctor

When i entered to the doctors’ room i was so fresh that doctor told you didn’t need any treatment. How did you become fresh? nothing, only this time i am feeling very light & last time i was feeling very heavy so i was with full of pressure & tension. & my neck pain also get vanished.

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Now when i am studying on feeling light  i realised one thing when we carry ego or our position with us it gives us only tension, pressure .I am not telling you that don’t keep proud of your position keep proud of position but do not carry where not necessary as it didn’t give happiness, light feeling. Suppose you are walking along the side of the road in your colony & one small schoolboy is running to you happily & saying you good morning uncle & if you are in your positions mood what will happen? You may be a judge or big CEO of a company. Can this situation give you happiness? If you are thinking that how silly this boy? Didn’t he know who am i? How did he dare to talk with me? Is he have manners to talk to leader people etc? Now tell me can this conversation exchange good energy? as he told good morning & he didn’t tell anything. now tell me who carry negative energy & who send negative energy too. What would get both of them?It’s a simple situation like this a lot of situation comes in our daily life if we will indulge in that situation we never get good energy from anywhere.

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Today it is carrying everywhere no one is ready to talk for the first time. Why did i will talk i am a big person? If they have need then they will talk otherwise i didn’t have anyone’s need. Here energy exchange stopped & we are started to feel heavy & then we carry BP , SUGAR, HYPERTENSION, KIDNEY ETC.

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