How To select life partner – Wisely

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How to select life partner?

How To select life partner ?- Marriage life

Today we have a big discussion on life partner. Everyone is worried about how to select partner? Some youth generation is not ready to marriage because of looking some negative facts & struggle known from their parents, grandparents etc. Sometimes early maturity also killing all interest in the life.

Today everyone wants freedom & to do marriage means there are some limitations or restrictions for life .If there are restrictions then feel pressure ,stress tension etc.BODY HEALTHY

In so many families, family members are creating a distance between the partners so be careful while choosing families.

A lot of families have been broken due to another family members. Keep in mind that both family members are also the partners of life. No one can leave without his & her families.

In exceptional case you can leave your family members as for your job or a lot of problems are creating in marriage life due to another family members .

If you are from Hindu culture then definitely we have to bind for some cultural rules. These rules are good to run the society & family. If there were no rules we can’t keep families at one place. In India every family has strict rules & with these rules every family is running in a systematic manner. Do you know marriage means ½ +1/2 = 1. So think that we never be complete any way without everyone.

Today we have a lot of money to run our life. Then there is no need of keeping any pressure from anyone. Everyone is the king of everyone. No one is giving value to anyone. Why did I need to ask my parents before arranging my marriage? I can choose my partner myself .It’s okay but the parents who have faced a lot of difficulties to run family we didn’t know. They have a lot of experience to run the family. Maybe they have overcome a lot of problems & difficulties in their life. Their experiences show you a good way to your life. Jaggary, Ginger Paratha …

choose your life partner with open eyes.

Let us we will see which approach we have to keep selecting the partner I my point of view? Recipes

1]   First see that he has the ability to face the problems in a strong way.

Can he accept your family members along with you.

2] May be he has knowledge to earn money or maybe he can earn more money but see the family background behind his family.

3] See that he is mentally strong for any situation means if any situation will come in your life then he must be ready to face the situation in a happy way without disturbing another person’s life.

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4] First check that is he is ill tempered? & carrying every time anger, stress, worries.

5] Check his belief system, thoughts about future. Can he will give you good support in any situation. coconutchutney

6] Check that in which type of people he was living before marriage?

7] Understand that what are his expectations from the partner?Banana muffins

8] Can he complete your at least mental expectation, As I think that mental & emotional expectations are more important than physical expectations. Banana recipes

9] Is he proper to give complete respect & right to you?

10] Ask him what are his expectations from you .Satwik poha

11] Understand his confidence level. Can he will make good conversations with you?

12] Search his behavior in his family means how did he is behaving with his family members? His neighbors or his relatives. Chutney Recipe

13]  Is he had manners & self confidence  to run in the society? Is he has any mental or physical problem?

14] Did he know the meaning of real love or he is thinking that partner means for attraction of body.

15] If you are in trouble then can he help you to take out from your problems.

16] If he will think that money is life then reject this type of partner

20] Check that is any wrong story he is carrying about you without knowing you?. This creates very long distance in you. However you work hard or behaving good for him then everything is useless.greentomatochutney

21] Today a lot of people & parents checking that if the home of partner is nice, he is earning a lot of money, he has a lot of property then my daughter will live there with happiness.

22] But it is the wrong way to choose the partner may be he poor but he must have the knowledge, love & conversation skill to run the partner then life will stand nice in any situation .

As people earn money. Money not earns people.

24]  If there is  a good acceptance & appreciation from both the side then they can face a lot of difficulties in a happy way & they can earn money easily&live happily in any situation. May be they are living in a small hut.  greenchillycucumber

25] Partner should perfectly know that what is family? How to run family in a loving way?

26] His nature must be supportive for your any situation. Otherwise there are a lot of stories that if partner had nothing material success then some partners are leaving him in the half journey.

27] Our Indian culture teaches that if you have married with him as a life partner then there is no any question. Accept him as it is & run life. See definitely miracles  happens in your life & you will be in better position.

28] If we will go in the past to see the life of Mahatma Gandhi .Think practically, what Mahatma Gandhi has given to his partner?. Physically nothing. But mentally they have faith on each other & his partner had accepted him as it is. Can today’s any partner accept this type of husband who is wearing only Pancha & Dhoti by leaving all material things?

29 ] If any partner will accept him definitely again so many Mahatma will create in this universe.

30] Suppose  any young boy has decided to run his life as like ‘’Mahatma Gandhi, can any partner will get him?

31] Everyone wants to be a great man but no one is ready to accept challenges.

Last  thing  I want  to mention here that may be you have chosen correctly but do you know how is future perfectly? Can you sure that there will be no problems in your life?. Everyone’s life is filled with full of problems but have the knowledge how to face it? How to see the situation positive or negative? If you will keep positive attitude towards your situation then your families will definitely  runs in a positive way.


Author: dpranita583

I am the author in Maharashtra. since 10 years.My life is full of adventures and challenges.My father was poor farmer. He.was super spiritual man .I am also simple and spiritual lady.My life is full of drama. In my two books I wrote some life experiences. My every blog post is experience of my life.I learnt lot of from my life. God has given me power to observe small small things and so that I have learnt from surrounding more than books.

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