A Hug Yaar -National Boy Friend Day

A HUG YAAR is those Whose hearts are always open for each other.
They always create the flow of love to enjoy their life. In them, there is not the exchange of material things. Only they can exchange love, trust and loyalty.
They can’t walk alone without trust. & A true friend is the one who knows more about his friend and himself. Their hug yarri is the golden thread that lays all heart together.
They never walk front & behind only they walk beside & became the friend.
In them always love is blind but friendship closes its eyes.

Even on the road to hell flower will make them smile. Everyone heard what you say, friends listen to what you say, best friends listen to what you don’t say.

“True friendship is a knot in which angel hands have tied’’

The 50 Best Quotes About Friendship | Quote Catalog

A hug yaar is movable at a time.T heir connection is from past birth. Their karmic account is nice so they behave as made for each other. Maybe they quarrel or argue but they can forget easily & gets closer to each other. Their love is fragile & they can handle it with care. They always trust with each other never doubt their goodness.
Their life is meaningful with full of joy no any fear of them. Sharing of everything with each other. They never make a comparison with each other as it creates unhappiness. In them, a lot of exchange of love & exchange of thought produces the reflection of good vibration.
Their world is always new from our general world. & they have telepathy in their communication. Sometimes their communication is mind communication I think god is always watching their love, loyalty & purity of mind. & He also takes part in their hugging to share their joy& happiness he also enjoys their friendship & helps them to keep their hands tightly.
Due to their nice binding, they can share joy, happiness, selfless love They motivate each other for a goal oriented life. It inspires them to act & keep moving towards their goal. It results in external & internal factors that stimulate desire & energy in them to achieve their goals. Their desires, towards & expectations, form the base of motivation

Benefits of Hug yaar !

Friendship Quotes (6258 quotes) – Goodreads

1] It increases the speed of work in our life.
2]If the friend is like Shrikrishana then we can overcome every difficulties, problems & trouble easily.
3] With friend’s cooperation we will get happiness, enthusiasm, fame, courage etc.
4] Who has more friends, he can adjust everywhere & his image is powerful in society.

5] More friends more publicity.
6] Friendship is depending on our virtues & our behavior skill.

11 Interesting Facts About Friendship – ipsy Writer


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I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.

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Importance of independence Day -2019

Value of Independence day ask to the person who are in the prison.


Importance Of Independence Day -2019 

  How to understand Independence day -2019 

Importance of Independence day- 2019

Every year AUG month comes and we are waiting eagerly to celebrate Independence day.

We know that in every schools, colleges, Institutes, offices are doing lot of extra work to celebrate Independence day. In them, some are celebrating with enthusiastic, some are celebrating informally.

When we are celebrating it we have to understand what is the reason behind to celebrate it?

What should we have to do to celebrate it? What is my expectation from my country? What is giving country to me? What should I have to give to my country? Is I am servicing nicely or giving right treatment to the people in my country?

I think to celebrate our independence day it is my first duty that ‘’ I have to remember the lot of people who had sacrificed their life for our Independence otherwise we will be in very bad situation.”

AS these people have tolerated lot of troubles, lot of misbehavior from another GOVT. If I will not remember all these or I will not understand their sadness or sorrow then we couldn’t understand

Independence also.

’independence’’ This world has lot of meaning ,we do not care about it, today we know that, 2 years kid also wants independence, he didn’t want to binding anywhere. Students in the school, colleges feels that their rules are so strict for them. In the home also our daughter in –law wants independence from their mother in law or father in law.

when we get matured we want independence from our parent’s .The parents who has sacrificed total life for their kids we know it but still we want independence from them. Then why did not in country? Every man should feel independence in his country.

So to get this independence from foreign ruin so many people have done lot of efforts.

If we have got anything easily we didn’t have value of it.

To get Independence for India lot of another people had given their blood. They have died for our country we not.

If we have to fall one drop of blood for our country then we will understand the value of Independence day.

Value of independence ask to parrots who is sitting in the cage?, ask to any person who is in the prison without any reason?, ask to any person who are caught in any difficult situation?.Ask to people who are caught in flood.

 Who Is Disturbing Our Country’s System?

IN this country behind any disturbance there is an educated man , we know that there are some unmatured students who are quarreling for reservations. There are some educated person’s who are making lot of corruption, lot of violence, some time lot of tragedy like bomb blast etc. To keep engage our youth generation we have to keep attention on our education with values and virtues.

As in today’s period we are observing that values are vanishing from educated man, not from any farmer or labor.

To avoid all these we have lot of Ignorance, laziness, blind belief etc. These things do not giving chance to live a life happily and independently.



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Women’s Issues Today -pdkcm


Today ’s woman in the modern generation. I think this title itself telling us lots of information about today’s woman.

If we will observe today’s woman in a 360 angle we would understand the following points.

Understanding Women Today

1] Today’s woman is giving more importance to the carrier, profession, so she became the full practical woman. Somewhere she has to lost emotions, some cultural activities, compassion, love etc. As she wants self-identity, so she is keeping more attention to self-identity. But somehow it is affecting in family life. Distance in the relationship or some another feature. women made their voice heard.

She herself also not getting contact with her parents or of any relationship. I mean we are forgetting our real life, when our parents are sick or affected by any disease we can’t keep their care due to our carrier or profession. We want to do it but we have to left it. They also need our love or care but we can’t in case this is not for only parents but our close relatives, close friends etc as we become practical.

women hold nearly 65%?

2] In case there is the huge amount of knowledge everywhere so she is totally mature. She has the power to adjust, a power to accommodate, a power to control, the power of concentration etc  Everywhere she can face lots of problems and situations easily. Today’s woman is not a single woman but she became ‘’Ashtabhuja’’ She can handle lots of task at one time. As she is aware every time consciously.

Image result for images of today's woman
Today’s woman

more women

3] Her education itself increased her all expectations means in the family everyone wants she should be prompt, she should be hard work, she must have discipline, she must have to attend to her responsibilities.

negative side-effects

4] In office also boss is expecting more work from her, he also expects from her discipline, responsibility etc.

5] In society also everyone is expecting from her as more senior lady means she is well educated then there is no question. She should handle everything properly, means a front person is thinking that she knows everything then I am free. Why did I could take any type of tension?

Beliefnet blog.

rather than stay in such a marriage and suffer.  But i think that so many times suffering gives real understanding.


6] If everyone is looking at her with this perception then how is the life of that matured women? In case this situation happens only the ladies who are more responsible, having understanding, more prompt with discipline nature.

Insidely maybe she is not happy but she must have to pretend outside that ‘’I am always happy if not?……..

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I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.

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Tirupati ,Tirumalla Balaji – A Loving Devotee’s Miracle Spot- A to ZChallenge2019

Read here which miracles are running with Tirumalla Tirupati Balaji.

  • Tirupati Balaji  –  A  Miracle  Spot South Indian Temple
Tirupati, Tirupati Balaji/chhayaonline.com
http://Tirupati, Tirumalla, Balaja/chhayaonline.com
Tirumala Tirupati Balaji/chhayaonline.com
http://Tirumala Tirupati Balaji/chhayaonline.com
Tirupati,Tirumala, Balaji -A miracle spot, loving devotee/chhayaonline.com
http://Tirupati, Tirumala Balaji -A MIRACLE SPOT LOVING DEVOTEE/chhayaonline.com

Tirupati Balaji  is  a place that  everyone wants to meet there. Without visiting this place life is feeling less.  In our India everyone is working there as  a Sevekari or with full of devotions.

People have  a  good experiences  from that place. Getting  full of energy, encouragement, motivation and real enthusiasm from this place. Nature of this spot is very different from another spot. No one will keep any type of doubt about this place. Everyone is loving this God thinking that everything we get from him. And really we are getting every thing from him. This is the place of real reflection of Lords energy and we feel it definitely.

There  are a lot of miracle stories about this temple .But some of them I will mention here. Radhika’s Reflections

This temple is situated in the Andhra Pradesh in the mountain range of Tirumalla. This temple is identified as an ancient and lord temple.  With this temple there are a lot of stories, some points I will explain here. I am telling here some points maybe be you didn’t like but, here devotee’s are working on it and keeping complete faith on it. Jyo Kitchen

No 1 Assumption : In this temple the idol which have hair are real. And these hair never get into complication always roll smoothie.

Assumption no 2 :  Vyankteshwar Balaji temple ‘s   back side  is always wet . If you will listen it’s sound carefully, you will feel that , Sea  is making a big sound of its water.

Assumption no 3 :  There  is a small stick at the right side of door . This stick has been used to beat the small kid form of lord ‘’Vyanktesha’’ .At that time his chin had been some wound and so today also Pujari is putting some Chandan on his face.

ASSUMPTION No. 4 : If we will look to the idol of Lord Venktesha you will feel that it is in the middle of the temple but actually it is situated at the right side of inside area of  temple.

Assumption no. 5 : On Thursday they are putting white Chandan to the idol  .Next day after removing this Chandan we can see this is replaced by  foot prints of Laxmi Devi.

Assumption no. 7 : The flowers and basil leaves which we are putting on the idol is not giving back to the devotees but they are throwing it in the well which is behind the temple.

Assumption no. Priests of this temple are throwing all flowers of Lord to the back side of  temple . As it is not good to see this flower after giving to the God.

Assumption no. 9 :There is a lamp in this temple it was since 1000 years .But, who this lamp has been kept and since how many days it was running ?didn’t know to people.

Assumption no. 10 : With the information of Local people in the 18th century 12 years this temple was closed . In that period one king has given 12 people MRUTUDAND and kept their dead bodies in the temple . At that time Lord Vishnu emerged there.

Assumption no. 11 :  There is a one village about 23 km away from this temple. Only people of these village have permission to wonder in the temple. These people runs strickt rules of life. From this place flowers, milk, dahi, ghee butter etc can be send to the Lord Vishnu.

Mahashivratri Story Of Fasting – Om Namah Shivai

Importance of Mhashivratri

We are everywhere celebrating a Mahashivaratri as a fasting day & worshiping the God Shiva. This has a lot of rituals & stories as like miracles. Some people says Lord SHiva is on the Kailas Mountain . He is there now in the form of sound OM . We can here clearly that sound ”OM NAMAH SHIVAI

etc Some are telling he is in every Jyotirlinga . Scientist have made invention that where there is ”SHIVA TEMPLE ”? there is more magnetic filed, from that definitely we get good benefit. We feel positive as well as energetic when we reach in any temple but must have pure love behind that. If you are pure , clean & clear at least in contact with the God . then definitely GOD will take care of you . no matter may be you are poor or rich.

Here is small story behind it .

There was a king in UJJAIN city . Name Chandrasen .He was worshiping SHIVA with full of heart & clean mind . One day one lady came in the temple with his small kid . That small kid saw the temple & worshiping of king SHIVA . He get up from her mother’s hand & stand a side. There was full of ingredients for the Pooja. It was full of flowers, of them some are white, some are scented but white . Some are JAI JUI CHEMILE, Rose, Mogra etc . There was full of Punchaamrut . That is a mixture of Milk, Dahi, Sugar, Ghee & honey. A lot of fruits for the Shiva . All pots were from Gold & Silver. There were so many scented sticks, Full of lamps with Ghee etc . This total temple was decorated by Banana trees branches .Every where there was full of enthusiasm. That kid feel very happy with that atmosphere . Now his mother was poor. She had kept something to cook on the ‘CHULA ” She remind it & turn to back at her home with her kid . But kid refused to go there & started to cry loudly . Now her mother left him there on the road & came at her home .

That kid had been seen that all worshiping of God . So he had a full wish to make same worshiping of God . But how can make ? As temple was so long that he can’t reach there & home also so long that he can’t go easily . So he sat in the field in the open space & started to worship God .

Now he suppose a round stone was SHIVA . Kept all heaps of soil as a worshipping substance . Thinking that this heap was kumkum , tilkak for SHIVAI. This heap was punchamrut, , This heap was fruits, This heap was ARATI &ETC Brought some flowers from the field , some leaves from the filed . There was no water for worshiping so he considered as this heap was water . In this way he had collected a lot of ingredients for the worshipping of God .

Started to worshipping with it reciting ”OM NAMAH SHIVAI ” putting one heap to the stone & saying ”OM NAMAH SHIVAI , In this way putting every heap on the Linga & SAYING om namah shivai.

Now so much time has been passed & his mother reminded that our kid we left on the road how he didn’t came at home? So she went to the road & saw there was sat her kid , doing meditation of Lord Shiva . She didn’t understand it & came near to him & abusing , beating him & saying what are doing ? What is this ? Whole pooja was disturbed .

So that baby was crying loudly why did you have disturbed . Calling to Shiva loudly , where have been you gone? Where has been lost my Pooja? . Can anyone give me back my SHIVA etc . So deep full love with Shiva & crying loudly .

Worshiping lord shiva /chhayaonline.com
http://OMNAMAH SHIVAI /chhayaonline.com

Again his mother left him there & came to her home . Now he cried & slept there .Instantly Shiva came there with full of form with Parvati / He get up him & told what you want ? Demand me . He saw surprisingly to the SHIVA & told I will call to my mother . He called to her mother loudly & mother came there & she saw the full form of SHIVA . Started to bowing them. Suddenly that worshiping changed in to GOLD TEMPLE with a big idol of Lord Shiva He told to God that transform this city . Then God transformed this city into Avanti Nagari . Everyone was watching it. Now the kid told to the GOD .Take us with you where you are living . Then GOD brought a plane & his family went to the ShivaPada from the plane.


How To Remove Your Exam Tension – Be Calm

Best way of how to be calm in exam period.

Image result for images on exams tension

Today everywhere there is a discussion about 10th & 12th exam. Parents are engaging & worrying about their sons, daughters exam. All schools & colleges are busy in making plan of exam. So many are thinking about security of papers & students have tension about exam.    

Let us learn how to overcome exam without any tension ?

1]   Remove this [tension] word from your mind as you have done lot of efforts through the year so keep faith on your work.

Related image

Some students have a problem with blockage in ans. Means they can remember half ans . & half ans forgot. So for it when you are reading ans  keep faith on you that ‘’ the answer which I am reading can remember me perfectly’’

4]  Avoid over preparation as it can make confuse you , simply think as a regular exam but I have to be prompt with discipline in a paper.

5] Read everything carefully & be aware what you are writing? About time, about answer, about marks etc.

6]  Some students are not sleeping at night for next day’s paper but it is a totally wrong method. Sleep keeps everything in mind properly so after doing the study you have to sleep compulsory.

7] Keep attention on your diet, exercise, avoid over exercise.

8] Avoid difficult topics before an exam, read the topics which question & answers which can you write.

9] Stay positive throughout the exam. If you have any fear or doubts about your study clear it with the help of your parents or friends, or teachers.

10] Don’t mix with lazy students as they will reduce your interest.

Image result for images on exams tension

11] Keep in mind these days are very important, so every minute, every hour is precious to you. 

12] Make the plan of your work means for sleeping 8 hours, for your self-work 3 hours like this …

13] Most important is keeping love& strong bonding in relationship with your parents & everywhere. As an argument or negative conversion also effect on your mind & it will effect on your study. So always try to take complete blessing from your elders like brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents etc.

14] Consider yourself as the shining star of family or Nation so that you will always be motivated. This motivation gives you good energy to study & exam

15] Think yourself as I am a universe , I will get what I wish

16] Universe has given me chance to make my life or future bright in the form of this year so there is no question of tension.


Quotations & Stories: Thoughts Paperback – Import, 19 Feb 2015 by Pranita P Deshpande (Author) 4.2 out of 5 stars 3 customer reviews See all 2 formats and editions Kindle Edition 177.45 Read with Our Free App Paperback 350.00 7 New from 350.00

Spiritual Awakening God -Today spirituality going through confusion.

A lot of time so many people are in confusion about spirituality.

   Going through spiritual confusion -pdkcm 41ga4wvm1el._sx330_bo1,204,203,200_ gopalsurdas

https://amzn.to/2RBtR4L   click here to buy this book.

In today’s life, this subject is more discursive. Everyone is confused about it since taking the birth of infant as when infant came into the world astrologist start to write their future. Means spirituality start from that time. But in my life, my father has made my Janam Patrika when I was ready for marriage.Means up to that time my future has been developed as I am Merit in the B. ED class. Now i understand that ”How we are going through spiritual confusion. ?”   GOD

Before 2 days one retired professor, the author came to my home for doing proofreading of his autobiography. This person’s autobiography is very inspirational.In his autobiography, I saw to stable him in his carrier how much he had made struggle? & this struggle gave him lots of knowledge to become an author of 21 books as well as some spiritual books. I read his one important book ”Avatar Nirnay”. This book is for the existence of God, What is GOD? How did he perform his activity?  etc.

Image result for images on spiritual confusion
spiritual confusion     Desiring God

We are discussing an important aspect of the existence of God. I told him ”Brahamakumari’s knowledge is deep for everything. They are explaining every aspect of life with self-realization. Then he told me this self-realization has destroyed real God.Means, I asked, then he told ” self-realization makes man full wise & every person think that ”I am a leader why did I need any spiritual leader? or any Guru’s suggestion ”? & So world started to destroying as there is no any confirm leader to show the real path of God.  Everyone is keeping faith with their convenience & they made their proper God.   Means Sikh people’s are explaining the existence of God with their experience. Muslim’s are telling ”ALLAH” is our God, Hindu’s are telling Ram is our God, Christi’s are telling ”Jesus is our God .means the persons who had to visualize their God, in that form they have got God. Then I asked them we are worshiping to Ram, Hanuman etc he told they are God-like people, not God’s.   BELIEVE

Image result for images on spiritual awakening.
spiritual awakening / kcmpdwordpress.com

God means who never come in the cycle of birth & death. He is Nirgun, Nirankari , Nirvikari etc

Then I asked them who decided this definition? Is there any proof of it? then he told, Yes, there are 4 Veda’s they are giving all important knowledge. If you want to know the real existence of God or all original knowledge that is the knowledge which is prepared by God to run the world in a disciplined manner.This  is the real knowledge of life.And that is only in VEDA’S.   ,

Our all saints Saint Tukaram, saint Dnyeshwar, Saint Eknath, Saint  Tulsidas etc are giving original knowledge. Means the knowledge which came from their mind automatically without any study. They have to face lots of difficulties to give this knowledge to us. Saint has given birth to the God not as like man. So they can provide us with the knowledge which is true, & sustainable.  , SPIRITUAl

Related image
spiritual awakening God /kcmpd.wordpress.com. https://amzn.to/2RBtR4L

Then I keep quite & told them anyway this spirituality has made lots of confusion, quarrel as well as fighting in the world. Not only in the world but in everyone’s home also. A daughter in law thinks that she has to worship her favorite God, but her husbands family telling her don’t worship this God in our home & this small point also starts to create conflict in everyone’s home as well as in the society.

Finally, I think that the person whose words, actions & thoughts are in a harmony in a present tense is the world’s greatest spiritual leader.


Indian Marriage , Wedding Ceremony _ An enthusiastic celebration.

Anyone’s life ‘s this event never forgot

What gives us marriage celebration?

I   think everyone’s dream & happiest event in the life is marriage. Since in the childhood, generally in the Indian home, everyone is preparing a life for their marriage. So many are dreaming in mind that I want to like this partner, I will be live with him like this etc …

short essay on wedding

Marriage gives hopes so many are keeping their soul secure for the marriage of their sons, daughter, grandsons, granddaughters, Maybe your son, doctor, engineer, Minister or whatever may be but every parent wants their son /daughter should be married in front of them.

Our Indian parents have a nice dream for their grandson’s marriage also they are saving money since in the childhood for their marriage.  Image result for images for marriage ceremony

Marriage is one type of good ambition & to complete it we must have to keep another ambition & so many are taking good education as they want their marriage life & marriage event must be happening in a good condition.

Image result for images for marriage ceremony

It must have lots of enthusiasm with costly clothes, images, photos, nice glamour’s, Along with big authority people. This event shows your real status in the society. Your behaviour, how did you will behave if you have everything with you? It brings lots of people together at one time.We didn’t get this good opportunity to bring all people together in a happy state of mind at one time.Otherwise so many people are gathering to listen to a speech of leader or any spiritual leader but we can’t give any guarantee of state of happiness in people’s mind.   narrative essay on Indian wedding

Here Everyone in a happy state of mind. All are in a real motivational state of mind.

This event attracts lots of inviting people. , so many people & relatives are waiting for it. As in this event, so many relatives are coming & if we will meet them, then we will get good satisfaction as well as energy exchange with a lot of happiness. This energy encourages us to make binding strong & to work better means it is one type of good motivation.If we will meet our relatives we will get good motivation from them. But it depends on you is you are taking their visit positive or negative?.

Hindu wedding pranitadeshpande.in

Marriage gives encouragement to the market. In Indian marriage, LAKHS of rupees is spent only for Mehandi event. Every moment of marriage become the happiest state. Since it is from wedding event to complete marriage. If a mother has any health problem she can put her problem aside & started to work for marriage. If we will ask old people in India.They will tell you that I want to live my life till my grandsons’ marriage.If I will see a face of the daughter in law then I would be happy & satisfied to go.

Image result for images for marriage ceremony

So many are thinking that life exists only up to the marriage of sons & daughters, grandsons & granddaughters, & after that why should we live? Now our responsibilities are finished, everyone is engaged in their life.

In everyone’s home, every person is deciding that in her marriage I will wear this type of sari. I will make up like this. I will enjoy with this people. Means everyone is participating in this event for a while & enjoying happiness.

So I think that marriage is the most welcome, happy, enthusiastic moment in everyone’s life. As this opportunity comes only one time in the life not so many times.

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I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.

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Gender Equality – Creating a lot of problem.

This is the constructive or destructive question.Some question has to be not search answer .We have to accept it as a nature law & then try to make improvement in it lovingly.

Gender Equality- Makes Problem , Gender Equality – Increases rape problem , Gender Equality- Creates family problem .